Pineapple Gem

 Listed as one of the 40 Taiwanese foods we cannot live without, pineapple gem - buttery shortbread filled with slightly tart pineapple filling - is not only the beloved sweet/snack of local Taiwanese but also popular gourmet souvenirs sought after by tourists visiting the country.

Pineapple gem is called ong-lai-so in Taiwanese or feng-li-su in Mandarin (鳳梨酥). "Feng-li" and "ong-lai" both mean pineapple. "Ong-lai" can also be directly translated to "prosperity has come". It is believed that anyone who eats pineapple gems will be prosperous, making the iconic pastry a perfect and thoughtful gift. 

The Foundry Bakery is proud to offer a premium version of this quintessential Taiwanese treat baked fresh right here in St. Louis! Our handcrafted filling is made with 100% sun-ripened pineapples that are caramelized to a deep golden amber color with all the fragrance, flavor, fiber, and vitamins of the fruit. The delicate tartness of the pineapple is balanced by the rich, buttery shortbread crust. This classic Taiwanese pastry perfectly pairs with coffee, tea, or smoothies - a healthy choice for breakfast, snack or dessert.

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